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Welcome to Lovabelle

My name is Gemma Cross and I am the founder of Lovabelle.

Lovabelle's Mission

Providing parents and carers with the best strategies and knowledge to help with their babies health and development during their first year, the most crucial year of a babies development. Lovabelle was founded in 2015 whilst I was on maternity leave with my baby boy. It was first established as Sensory Explorers until 2023 when the company franchised and was rebranded as Lovabelle.
I love delivering these classes so much that I continue to run these classes myself at our South Tyneside Headquarters. Seeing babies reach their key milestones, and helping parents confidence grow, is the most rewarding job you could ever imagine.

Lovabelle is a multi-sensory developmental baby class. Not only do we focus on developing babies five key senses of touch, taste, sight, sound and smell…. but we also work on the development of babies vestibular and proprioceptive systems which is so important for balance, preparing babies for taking those first steps.

We deliver a range of courses at Lovabelle including Lovabelle Sensory Classes, Lovabelle Baby Massage and Lovabelle Baby Yoga. Babies will be introduced to a world of new sensory experiences, as well as gentle massage and playful stretches, helping them transition into their exciting new world.

Lovabelle provides parents and carers with a toolkit of knowledge and methods for them to be able to soothe babies from common ailments, as well as reach their key physical and cognitive milestones.

Each class provides opportunities for parents to socialise with each other. Lovabelle is not just a developmental class for babies, it is also a fantastic support network for parents.
Lovabelle is a proud Member of the Children’s Activity Association (CAA) which means our standards meet what are expected from a Childrens Activity Provider and provides peace of mind for parents. We have also been previously named as Club Hub’s ‘Top 10 Childrens Activities in Newcastle’ under our former name Sensory Explorers.

Why attend a Lovabelle Class ?

There are so many benefits of attending a baby class. But why choose Lovabelle?

A Lovabelle class will provide you with :

  • A friendly welcome and thoroughly relaxed atmosphere
  • Time to bond with your baby
  • Encouragement of babies brain development
  • A support network for help / advice
  • Activities to help develop babies motor skills and soothe common ailments
  • Opportunities to make friends (mam friends are said to be the best friends)
  • Lots of fun classes and themes
  • A weekly routine for you and your baby
  • A sensory area for babies to explore freely and parents / babies can socialise.
  • Highly Trained instructors in Baby Massage, Baby Yoga. All DBS checked with first aid and safeguarding training.
  • Carefully structured lessons which meet all of the needs of your baby.
  • Classes are age appropriate and ensure your baby will attend class with other babies at similar age and developmental stage.
  • All classes are baby led. We encourage you to meet your babies needs so feel free to feed, change or comfort your baby at any time during a class.
Fun facts

Oxytocin – the love hormone

Did you know that every time you cuddle your baby, smile with them, listen and talk to them calmly and lovingly, and feed them promptly for as long or as little as they need, their developing brain releases oxytocin, a hormone which helps their brain to grow. It’s a feel good hormone which is also released in our own bodies when we cuddle our baby. It makes you feel calm and happy, and promotes the bond between you and your baby.

Fun Facts

Moro - The Startle Reflex

Your baby is born with a startle reflex to loud noise, movement or fear of falling.The startle reflex (Moro) makes them throw their arms up and out, draw their knees up and open their fists wide. They will then return to how they were within seconds. This reflex eases by around age 6 months old.

When can we start?

The sooner the better. The first few years of a babies life when the brain is developing and maturing, is the most intensive period for learning speech and language. These skills develop best in a world that is rich with sounds and visual stimuli, and consistent exposure to the speech and language of others.

Here is a guide to when we suggest you start our courses:

Lovabelle Baby Massage

Our Baby Massage classes are suitable from birth and the ideal starting class for babies. Baby Massage smoothes the transition from leaving the womb to entering their big new exciting world. Before babies can understand language, we communicate and comfort them through touch. Our 4 week course will give parents the confidence and skills to be able to soothe their baby from many common ailments. It is a beautiful experience for you and your baby promoting relaxation and bonding.
Baby Massage is a lovely gentle class with a little introduction to sensory play and yoga which will help babies become accustomed with a more formal classroom setting, leading perfectly into our follow on courses of Lovabelle Sensory and Baby Yoga.

Lovabelle Sensory

We recommend waiting until your baby is 6 weeks old before starting Lovabelle sensory classes as your little one will be more comfortable in a formal class setting and baby and parent will be more comfortable in their routines. Lovabelle Sensory is an interactive sensory class to introduce babies to their first sensory experiences. Sessions are filled with fun and engaging activities to aid your babies development and help them to reach their key milestones. Lovabelle Sensory follows on perfectly from our baby massage course.
You can expect lots of themed weeks, music and movement and mesmerising visual shows that will wow your babies. These classes continue right up until your baby is taking their first steps.

Lovabelle Yoga

Baby yoga classes are suitable after your baby’s six week check so any issues with development, such as hip dysplasia, might be identified prior to attending. This is the perfect accompaniment to Lovabelle Sensory or follow on from our Lovabelle Baby Massage course. This course is designed with both parent and baby in mind to give a perfect balance of exercise, sensory play and relaxation. It will strengthen your baby’s bones and muscle tone, as well as developing their balance and sensory motor skills. Sessions begin with relaxing breathing techniques and playful warm ups, followed by structured yoga activities for both baby and parent. Sessions end with relaxation and mindfulness to give you both some well-deserved self-care and nurturing.

Fabulous customer

  • Leanne Morley

    Me and Thea absolutely love our weekly classes. We have been coming here since she was 8 weeks old and, she’s 10 months now and I feel like she’s progressed massively since coming to these classes and enjoys mixing with other babies.
    Gemma is a lovely person and absolutely amazing with all the babies. 100% recommend.

  • Maria McCourt

    My little boy loves his weekly Lovabelle classes, we’ve been coming for months now! Every session is fun and interactive, themed and always something different aswell as a few routines. My little boy enjoys the songs, other babies, free sensory play and all the other mammies, daddies and babies have been so lovely! Gemma is really warm and welcoming and treats everyone like a friend and she is so lovely with the babies too. We would highly recommend

  • Lucy Kay Grant

    We have just finished Lovabelle’s 4 week infant massage course. I have loved attending with my little girl each week & learning new techniques to take home. My daughter was so chilled after class. We now include what we’ve learnt into our daily routine which she loves. Gemma is brilliant & we will definitely miss our massage classes!

  • Sammy McCarthy

    we love our weekly sessions at Lovabelle! we have been attending since Cody was 7 weeks old. Gem is absolutely fantastic at engaging all the kids and planning activities that benifits all. Lovabelle class is our favorite time of the week I absolutely love the photo opportunities at each class too xx

  • Lauren Griffiths

    Me and my baby attended the baby yoga course and I loved it. Gemma made us feel relaxed and helped us through the yoga poses. I always felt I had a good work out the next day after the class and my baby had a nap afterwards. I learnt ways to relax for me and baby and it was a nice experience to share with her. Thank you so much!!